Successfully Passed Driving Test!
I have recently passed my driving test and it is all with the help of my driving instructor (Mr Sitaram Rai). He has demonstrated his incredible expertise, his sharp thinking and endless patience to help me develop my skills behind the wheel. He was always calm no matter the dilemmas on the road and very understanding and polite. All great qualities a driving instructor should have. I couldn’t thank him enough for the support he has given me throughout the learning process but I am incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to be taught by such an instructor. I highly recommend him to anyone else out there looking to pass their test with flying colours.

Passed test 1st time with just 30 hours of lessons!
I took the 30-hour semi-intensive course from instructor Rai. The overall experience was excellent, and his teaching approach was exceptionally helpful. The content of each lesson was specifically catered to my level of skills and progress. Before each lesson, we discussed and set up targets and goals to achieve during the lesson, and sometimes, we would particularly focus on my weaknesses or areas to be improved. I appreciate a particular aspect of his teaching style. He would ask me insightful questions that made me think about the purposes and consequences of my driving actions. When I made mistakes, he would also ask me guiding questions that helped me learn the correct response to the errors. This is extremely helpful for learning from mistakes. Another aspect that truly stood out was Rai's encouragement. He fostered a positive and supportive learning environment, which was incredibly motivating. Even during challenging moments, he remained patient and offered constructive feedback, helping me build confidence behind the wheel. Lastly, the preparation for the driving test was very beneficial. We arranged the last lesson in the evening before the test. This not only helped rectify my minor driving mistakes and bad habits but also helped me build up confidence before the test. He knew I needed a strong confidence boost before the test, which the last lesson successfully achieved. Overall, my experience with Rai was exceptional. His professionalism, helpfulness, and encouragement made the learning journey enjoyable and rewarding. I would highly recommend Rai to anyone seeking quality driving instruction.

Tariro Tracey MrewaTariro Tracey Mrewa
Successfully passed test!
I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Rai. He was a very patient, polite and forever pillar of encouragement in helping me successfully pass my driving test. It was not an easy journey but he made it easy for me. I highly recommend Rai to anyone looking for knowledgable and supportive instructor. Thank you. Forever thankful and grateful for your excellence in driving education.

Hamish MitchellHamish Mitchell
Passed test with just 15 hours of lessons!
Rai has been an excellent driving instructor and provided expert guidance throughout my lessons. Having not driven for almost 8 years since failing a previous practical test, Rai was able to bring me up to a test standard with just 15 hours of lessons (the test booster course), the majority of which were consolidated into just one week! Rai was very generous with him time and ensured that it would be possible to get sufficient practise in within the short time frame. He was very friendly, patient, and explained every scenario well, allowing me to learn quickly but safely and increasing my confidence behind the wheel. His lessons were well structured, allowing for plenty of time to attempt more difficult situations, and covered important roads which often come up in the driving test. Thanks to Rai, I was able to pass my test, and he made me a more confident driver than I have ever been before. I would recommend Rai 100%!

Indu RaiIndu Rai
Pass 1st time!
I recently had the privilege of learning how to drive under the instruction of an amazing instructor who greatly surpassed my expectations. From the very first lesson, his professionalism and patience was evident. He created supportive and comfortable learning environment that instantly put me at ease and boosted my confidence behind the wheel. His extensive knowledge and experience in the filed were apparent through each lesson, allowing me to progress efficiently. One of the aspect that I appreciated the most was his personalised approach to teaching. Apart from his exceptional teaching skills, this instructor was incredibly flexible with scheduling lessons, accommodating my availability to ensure that I received consistent and uninterrupted training. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend this driving instructor (Sitaram Rai) to anyone seeking a competent, patient and highly skilled instructor who genuinely cares about students' progress.

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